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Education: A Light For Life

Education: A Light For Life

Education is a light that brings the human beings from darkness to light. Without education we are like animals. This is only the education that gives us the power of correct decision, help us to observe the things around us and study them. Unfortunately today most of the countries are investing the major part of their budget on their armies, purchasing more and more weapons. But they forget that the missile of education will be more effective and powerful than these weapons of war. We spend only a small amount of our budget on our education. There are many regions in the world where there is no school and

no teacher available. But remember that in future only those countries will be successful who have high literacy rate. Without education you cannot win. We must give education to all people free of cost. Do you think why we import so many things like computers, automobiles, technologies etc.. from other countries because we do not have expert of this field. If we give education to your new generation then it will be possible in future they become expert of this field and then there will be not need to invest lot of our revenue on importing things from other countries. Thanks a lot for reading this post.

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